Year 7 Catch Up Premium


Year 7 pupils qualify for catch up funding if they leave Primary School with lower than ‘expected’ prior attainment (below National Curriculum Level 4). Our allocation for 2015/16 was £12,500 and this funding is being used to provide each eligible student with additional timetabled small group tuition with a qualified member of staff. Question-by-question analysis of Key Stage 2 National Test outcomes and diagnostic testing allows us to precisely target intervention where it is needed. In addition, a number of our Teaching Assistants and Higher Level Teaching Assistants have been trained by external specialists to deliver Catch Up Literacy and Numeracy Programmes.

We identified 31 students who arrived in Year 7 with below Level 4 reading scores. Of these, 16 made excellent progress from their starting points and 15 became Level 4 or Level 5 readers. One pupil remained a Level 3a reader but progressed well from their starting point. The 6 pupils who have not managed to achieve a Level 4 at this point will join the second phase of Literacy intervention.

Year 7 had 17 students who arrived with below Level 4 mathematics scores. Of these, 11 made good progress from their starting points and 7 achieved Level 4 in subsequent testing.