Health and Social Care

Course Overview

Cambridge Nationals Certificate in Health and Social Care will equip students with a sound, specialist knowledge as well as skills for everyday use.

The course will look at different health, social care and early years’ services.

Students will gain an understanding of how individuals develop physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially and the different factors that can affect their development, helping to identify the need for additional support.

They will also learn how client groups can access services, what barriers can prevent them and how these can be overcome to empower individuals.

Other topics include how practitioners need to use a range of communication techniques and communication skills with individuals, the Values of Care that they must apply in a care setting and the personal qualities that contribute to effective care.

Exams and Coursework

The course is made up of four units, each worth 25%. One unit will be examined through a written exam and the other units through short Controlled Assessments.

Potential Pathways (Post-16)

Students can proceed on to A-Level Health and Social Care with a grade C or above.

Potential Career Routes

Nursing (including midwifery), social work, teacher training, nursing, psychology, physiotherapy, radiotherapy, speech therapy, diet and nutrition and other health related careers.

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