GCSE Morality and Ethics Religious Studies

Course Overview

Unit 2 (Year 10) will cover:

  • Religion and Animal Rights – do animals have rights? How are animals and humans different? Is it ever acceptable to test on animals?
  • Planet Earth and Sustainability – how are we destroying the earth? How can we protect the planet? What is stewardship?
  • Prejudice and Discrimination – what is prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping? Who was Martin Luther King? Racism – case study.
  • Early Life – when does life begin? Arguments for and against abortion? What is the Sanctity of Life?
  • War and Peace – causes and effects of war, just war, pacifism, victims of war, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, people who have campaigned for peace.

Unit 3 (Year 11) will cover:

  • Matters of death and the elderly – who should care for the elderly? The Euthanasia debate. What are different beliefs about death?
  • Crime and Punishment – aims of punishment. Does prison work? Should the death penalty be legal? Young offenders.
  • Drugs – effects of drugs on the individual and society.
  • Poverty – British and Worldwide poverty – what can be done to help? Causes of poverty.


The course is examined by two 1 1⁄2 hour exams at the end of Year 11.

Potential Pathways (Post-16)

RE will keep your options open at Post-16 – it can lead onto many subjects including A Level: RE, History, Geography, Psychology and English.

Potential Career Routes

Many careers can benefit from a GCSE in RE including: teaching, social services, health services and law.

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