GCSE Food Technology

Course Overview

Candidates will be taught Food Science. This will enable them to use food as a material to explore, investigate and develop food products. The content of the course will be delivered in the form of problem solving tasks and will be assessed in Designing Skills and Making Skills.

The main content of the course will consist of:

  • Food product design, development and production
  • Food materials and components
  • Food manufacturing and processing

Exams and Coursework

An example of coursework:

The school canteen wishes to extend its range of snack foods available at lunch time. The students have requested more savoury ‘take-away’ products as an alternative to a complete meal. Design and make a range of products suitable for sale.

Students will be allowed 45 hours supervised time and this will test the attainment target of Designing and Making. Their project will be presented as a written ICT folder of work and will be marked by the class teacher.

The folder will be 40 pages of A4 work.

Scheme of Assessment

a) Coursework – 60% a controlled assessment.

b) An end of course written exam worth 40% of the final GCSE grade.

Potential Pathways (Post-16)

GCE A Level Design Technology; Food Technology.

Potential Career Routes

Food Technologist, Product Developer, Food Buyer, International Marketing, Quality Managers, Nutritionist, Dietician, Food Analyst, Food Journalist/photographer, Public Health Officer, Environmental Health Officer, Food Bio technician, Food Innovator, Consumer Researcher /Advisor, Packaging Designer, Health Promotion Worker, Nursing, Teaching, Health Advisor, Personal Nutritionist, Hospitality and Catering.

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