GCSE Double Science

Course Overview

Double science is made up from two separate GCSEs: Science A and Additional Science.

These qualifications have been developed so that students become more ‘scientifically literate’ and are able to make reasoned judgments about the science issues that may affect them in their everyday lives.

GCSE Science A covers four units:

  • Unit 1: Biology 1
  • Unit 2: Chemistry 1
  • Unit 3: Physics 1
  • Unit 4: ISA – Controlled assessment

GCSE Additional Science covers four units:

  • Unit 1: Biology 2
  • Unit 2: Chemistry 2
  • Unit 3: Physics 2
  • Unit 4: ISA – Controlled assessment

Exams and Coursework

Science A and Additional Science are made up of four units each, three of which are assessed externally through a 60 minute examination made up of structured questions worth 25% each of the overall GCSE. The fourth unit in each qualification is assessed through completion of an ISA – controlled assessment – worth 25% of the GCSE.

All examinations are now terminal and will be completed in the summer of Year 11.

Potential Pathways (Post-16)

The course prepares students for progression onto A Level Science courses.

Potential Career Routes

The list of career opportunities is almost endless. They range from the medical profession, i.e. doctor, nurse, pharmacist, public health and dentistry, to construction engineering, chemical engineering and mechanical engineering. Opportunities also occur in computing, electronics, telecommunications and electrical engineering. Scientists also form an important part of the aerospace industry, industrial chemical manufacturing, textiles and car industry.

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