GCSE Computer Science

Course Overview

A451 – Computer Systems and Programming

This unit covers the body of knowledge about computer systems on which the examination will be based.

A452 – Practical Investigation

An investigative computing task, chosen from a list provided by OCR, which assesses the following: research, technical understanding, analysis of problem, historical perspective, use of technical writing skills, recommendations/evaluation.

A452 – Practical Investigation

Understand standard programming techniques:

  • Be able to design a coded solution to a problem including:
    • Develop suitable algorithms
    • Design suitable input and output formats
    • Identify suitable variables and structures
  • Identify test procedures
  • Create a coded solution fully annotating the developed code to explain its function
  • Test their solution:
    • To show functionality
    • To show how it matches the design criteria
    • Identifying successes and any limitations

Exams and Coursework

A combination of exams and coursework.

Potential Pathways (Post-16)

A Level Computer Science, BTEC in Computing/IT, Apprenticeships, Engineering and the Computing Industry.

Potential Career Routes

Computing qualifications are in high demand at the moment and there are very few careers that don’t look for computing. Some examples of possible careers include Programmer, Games Designer, Software Engineer, Web Developer, Industrial Engineer, Systems Analyst and Education/Local Authority Advisor.

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