GCSE Child Development

Course Overview

The course consists of three units.

Unit 1 – Exam: students will study a wide range of topics, including the family, reproduction, pre-conceptual care, pregnancy, labour and birth, newborn baby, diet, health and care of the child, support for the parent and child and learning and play.

Unit 2 – Research Task: students will research a specific topic set by the exam board, such as how to keep children safe whilst playing outside, and produce a guide suitable for parents.

Unit 3 – Child Study: students will learn how children develop through the study of a young child. They will plan and carry out suitable activities with their chosen child and then evaluate their development.

Students must have access to a child for the Child Study. The child must not reach their fifth birthday before the December in Year 11.

Exams and Coursework

Unit 1 (40%) is tested by a 1 1⁄2 hour written exam.

Unit 2 (20%) is a Research Task and Unit 3 (40%) is a Child Study. Both are completed under supervision in the classroom, except for any primary research and visits to the chosen child.

Potential Pathways (Post-16)

Students can proceed on to A-Level Health and Social Care with a grade C or above.

Potential Career Routes

Nursing (including midwifery), social work, youth work or teacher training. Other learners can go on to pursue careers as nursery workers, nannies, child minders etc.

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