GCSE Art and Design

Course Overview

There are two coursework units, one is completed in Year 10, and the other in Year 11. You will be given a theme such as Love, Fluid, Journey, and all of your ideas will develop from these starting points.

Artists will be suggested, but it is also possible to introduce your own artists to support your ideas and work in class. You will have the opportunity to discover and experiment with new materials, and will become proficient with acrylic paints and sophisticated colour pencil work.

Your final pieces will be displayed and at the end of Year 11 you will experience what it’s like to sell your work when we have the Art Evening which we invite friends and family to. They get to see all of the hard work which goes into producing final pieces and you get to make some extra pocket money.

The exam unit is set by the board AQA. You have approximately 10 weeks to complete the prep work and then you complete your final piece in exam conditions. The exam board gives you the choice of approximately seven themes and you choose one to make a response to.

Exams and Coursework

Coursework 60%, Exam 40%.

Potential Pathways (Post-16)

Applied Art and Design.

Potential Career Routes

Teacher, Interior Designer, Games Designer, Architect, Nurse, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Film and TV, Animation, Gallery Work, Photographer, Community Artist, Art Therapist, Fashion Designer, Textile Designer, Freelance Artist, Theatre Work, Set Design.

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