Citizenship and PSHEE

Course Overview

The aim of Personal Development (PD) in our academy is to enable young people to:

  • Gain knowledge and understanding about the basis of cultural heritage and the development of different communities within the United Kingdom and local communities
  • Develop self-confidence, decision-making skills, debate and empathy, enquire about the differences, injustices, rights and responsibilities within their own and the wider community
  • Gain an appreciation of the necessary part students play within the community of our school and how this is reflected in the wider community
  • Learn about institutions, issues, problems and practices in our democracy – including economic processes and develop awareness of personal and economic well-being

This will include: relationships education, alcohol and drugs awareness as well as financial responsibility and careers guidance.

Exams and Assessment

This is a non-examined course. Regular assessment of students’ work will take place and the outcome of this will be seen in student reports.

Potential Pathways (Post-16)

The PD programme will give students a broad skills base to augment their further studies into Post-16.

Potential Career Routes

PD will develop the following key employable skills needed in the modern workforce:

  • Considering reasoned arguments and question assumptions
  • Understanding the processes of change in society and its institutions
  • Drawing together, analysing and critically evaluating information
  • Communicating concisely, clearly and accurately with others
  • Using ICT to research, identify and present information
  • Managing time
  • Taking on responsibility for your own development, responding positively to critical feedback, interpreting, using and evaluating data

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