Vivo Miles

Reward points will be issued for the following achievements:


  • Completing an exceptional piece of work in class or at home
  • Making a significant contribution in class
  • Demonstrating initiative or foresight
  • Completing extra work/research
  • Commitment to a club or extra-curricular activity
  • Effective use of the Student Planner
  • Assisting staff with the organisation of an event or performance
  • Recycling/helping the school be “green”
  • Helping to create or put up a display or exhibition
  • Contributing to a student publication
  • Displaying work in a school based exhibition
  • Showing resilience/overcoming a personal difficulty
  • Showing grit/determination in personal achievement

ACTION | Points will be added to individual Vivo Accounts by Staff


  • Representing the school at a sporting event or performance
  • Involvement in a community based event or project
  • Displaying work at a local exhibition
  • Presenting an Assembly
  • Organising a School Charity Event                  


  • 100% attendance and punctuality (per week)


  • Representing the school at Regional and National level
  • 100% Attendance in the year

ACTION | Points will be added to individual Vivo Accounts by Staff

The reward list is not exhaustive therefore the Academy maintains the right to reward students for additional categories.