Where Are They Now?

We are tremendously proud of our students and love hearing about what they have achieved following their time at The Whitehaven Academy Sixth Form. Take a look at where life after the academy has taken them.

Tristan Doyle


I am currently studying a four-year integrated masters Natural Sciences degree at UCL, in which I plan to major in Physical Chemistry and take Atomic and Particle Physics as a minor.

The final year of my degree involves a research project. After graduating, I would like to do a PhD to conduct similar research and then possibly go on to join a university research group.

I was a student in the Sixth Form from September 2012 to August 2014.

Sixth Form was the most enjoyable part of my school life, the atmosphere was more relaxed and staff treated us as adults by giving us more responsibility and independence over our learning.

The relationship between staff and students stands out for me from my time in Sixth Form. Students are able to think of their teachers as friends, and this makes them feel more comfortable discussing problems and asking questions. Which, in turn, makes the experience much better for both staff and students.

I would definitely recommend the Sixth Form to anyone that is considering staying in education after Year 11. The centre did an excellent job at helping people decide what they want to do in the future and at showing people the potential they had to study at university. It was due to the help and support from the Sixth Form that I was able to secure a place at one of the world’s best universities, and I know they can help many other students accomplish the same thing.

Emily Cummins


I am currently studying Nutrition, Diet and Lifestyles at Sheffield Hallam University. I currently have no definite plans for the future but I will possibly follow a route into being a sports nutritionist for individual athlete/ teams or maybe going into public health. Maybe (a very big maybe) going on to do further study of dietetics.

The biggest thing that stood out for me at Whitehaven Sixth Form is how well each teacher got to know each individual student and how they were always willing to help and listen to the students no matter what the issue was, whether it was help with personal statements, help with homework, or just a shoulder to cry on. I think this is very beneficial (well it was to me) as the step from GCSE to A level is so big – if I hadn’t have had such amazing teachers and such a good support network I don’t think I would be here at university now.

I would definitely recommend the Sixth Form! Even though sometimes it was hard, I had excellent support. I could do all the subjects I wanted, extra revision sessions were given and I never felt like I couldn’t talk to a member of staff. I also had great help with my personal statement and preparing for university life but there was also good information given about apprenticeships and other job opportunities.

Shona Macleod


I am currently studying for a BA joint honours in Asia Pacific studies and International Relations at the University of Leeds.

Studying at The Whitehaven Academy will undoubtedly set you up for the future. I am speaking from first-hand experience, having successfully completed Years 7–13 here. From the first day that I stepped foot in what was then Whitehaven School, I have never looked back. I took advantage of the wealth of opportunities offered to me. This included sporting opportunities which I took a particular interest in as it is an area at which I excel. The wide range of sport teams I took part in included football, rugby, cricket, badminton, rounders, netball, athletics and orienteering. As well as this, there were extra-curricular activities including music and drama and revision sessions to assist exam preparation. The Academy always put emphasis on charity fundraising and I took part in many of these events through fancy dress days, cake sales, non-uniform days as well as sponsored walks. During my final year I was elected Head Girl of the Academy which significantly helped to develop my public speaking, leadership, communication and organisation skills. I loved every minute of being at the Academy and it has set me up well for whatever I chose to do in the future. The opportunities are there for the taking thus I strongly urge every student to get involved in as many things as possible and expand your horizons!

Matthew Brown


Going to a university like Lancaster is a sure fire way to set yourself on the right track for future success. It’s an institution with fantastic industry links, great employability training, and many opportunities for gaining relevant work experience. Studying Chemistry is one way of doing that here at Lancaster and the pathway I had been following at The Whitehaven Academy has allowed me to do this. It was valuable experience, providing in-depth technical knowledge alongside practical skills for an expanding sector in the world of work. There are so many opportunities for flexibility in what we learn and how we learn it.

In addition, I had an amazing time at the Academy. There was a great range of activities to take part in and I was able to immerse myself in sport – even challenging the teachers at 5-a-side.

On the academic side, the relationship between staff and students is second to none – I soon developed relationships with a number of the teachers and now I don’t think twice about knocking on their office door to bounce ideas off them, or even just to have a quick chat. Another opportunity to develop relationships with the teachers and other students is through the numerous tutoring sessions.

To sum up, if you are looking to study in an environment that is supportive, challenging and provides an abundance of opportunities then The Whitehaven Academy is the place for you.