Sixth Form Dress Code

The Whitehaven Academy has a clear dress code, which Sixth Form students are expected to adhere to. The dress code requires students to wear ‘business attire’, suitable for a professional working environment such as an office.

This dress code:

  • Promotes self-esteem amongst our students
  • Promotes our ethos of being the best that you can be
  • Prepares students for the world of work
  • Provides our wider community with a positive image of our academy

All Sixth Form students are expected to comply with the dress code. Persistent refusal to dress appropriately will be dealt with under the School Behaviour for Learning Policy.

The Dress Code:

  • Dark tailored suit or jacket
  • Dark tailored trousers or skirt or dress
  • Collared shirt and tie (males); blouse or plain top (females)
  • Jewellery, make up, hair style and colour in moderation (no exposed body piercing apart from earrings in moderation)

It will not include:

  • Ripped or badly worn jeans
  • Sportswear, denim, logos and trainers
  • Shorts (all trousers must be at least ¾ length)
  • Skirts and dresses shorter than knee length
  • Football/rugby Shirts or sports tops
  • T-shirts/tops which are too revealing
  • Flip-flops or beach type footwear
  • Extremes of hairstyle/jewellery
  • See-through, low-cut, short cut or cropped tops
  • Luminous colours or with accentuated or inappropriate logos/wording
  • Tracksuit bottoms

Sixth Form students set the standards which aspiring learners in lower year groups will follow.

The academy reserves the right to send home a student who is inappropriately dressed.