Pathways at Sixth Form and Beyond

We will support you at every stage to choose the right options for you and we will make sure you have the help and advice to apply for the route you choose at the end of Year 13. Our new Learning and Skills Programme is built around providing a set of personal pathways for each individual that change and grow alongside you.

Our pathways include: Higher Academic; Enterprise; Construction and Engineering; and Health and Well-being. Looking at the route you want to take following your sixth form study, and the skills and qualifications you have gained at Key Stage 4, we will work with you to select the most suitable pathway for your Sixth Form study.

Teaching and Learning

You will experience a completely new type of Sixth Form education at The Whitehaven Academy. You will participate in masterclasses, workshops, work placements and project work, gaining the core skills you need to succeed in the future – including leadership, communication, management, entrepreneurial, analytical, and problem solving skills – all highly sought by employers.

Local and national employers are crying out for new recruits who have these transferable skills, which is why we believe it is just as important to teach you ‘real world’ skills alongside academic and technical subjects.

Project-based Learning

Project-based learning is an effective and enjoyable way to learn and allows you to develop deeper learning competencies to improve your potential for the future. Real world scenarios will help you to put your learning and skills into practice and deepen your understanding.