I am very proud and privileged to be Principal of The Whitehaven Academy. I believe that the academy has enormous potential and aspires to provide the very best education for all of the students that it serves.

We aim to be a school at the heart of the community, a school of which everyone can be proud to be a part of, and a school in which we devote all our resources to improving the life chances of young people by giving them the best possible outcomes for a successful future.

Here at The Whitehaven Academy, we have made significant strides already this term to become a good and improving school. Our focus is on providing outstanding teaching where every teacher knows the ability of each student and has the professional skill to ensure they succeed and achieve their educational targets and personal aspirations. This approach is underpinned by a highly effective approach of monitoring lesson plans, teaching quality and assessment which will enable us to confidently predict students’ future grades, and effectively intervene to improve these grades using all of our resources and skills.

As Principal, my aim is for The Whitehaven Academy to be an outstanding academy and the school of choice for the local community. All of our work is driven by five core principles:

  1. All students making at least good progress.
  2. No underperforming groups of students or excuses for underperformance, whatever their background.
  3. All teachers delivering at least good learning which inspires, enthuses and engages students to give them a thirst for knowledge.
  4. Every student moving to the next stage of successful performance as rapidly as possible.
  5. Every member of the school community working in a dignified and respectful manner to create a climate of trust, professionalism and educational excellence.

The partnership between home, school and your child needs to be strong and robust to ensure that we create high aspirations and ambitions and ensure that we equip young people to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens. I know I can count on your support as we strive, together, to achieve these aims.

Mr Warren Turner