Great Cumbrian Litter Pick

On Friday 6th July, Whitehaven Academy students took part in the Great Cumbrian Litter Pick, which was organised by Friends of the Lake District. The purpose of the litter pick was to bring together Cumbrian communities to clean up our glorious county.

Not a day goes by currently, without more news about the global, harmful effects of plastics and other discarded materials in our environment. There’s no doubt we need to make big changes to our throwaway culture. Litter not only spoils how our beautiful Cumbria landscapes look, it also creates toxins and pollutants that are harmful to the land and the wildlife and livestock that live there. Carelessly discarded rubbish can clog and pollute our waterways, affect our soils and be incredibly harmful to creatures that unwittingly digest it, or become entangled in our discarded debris.

The Academy chose to get involved as a way to educate our students and to tidy up our local community. All students spent some part of the day, collecting litter around the school site, and a small group of students were able to go into Whitehaven Town Centre to play their part. Members of the public were very complimentary of the students’ efforts and they were a credit to our school.