School Closure update 25th April 2018

The academy site survey has been progressing well and over the last 5 days the vast majority of the occupied site has been completed.  There is no evidence of further damage to asbestos containing material, confirmation has been given that aside from the two locations identified this week, the asbestos remains undisturbed.  The survey team is satisfied that the two identified locations are sealed and contained so do not pose a risk to students or staff, remedial works to remove the material from site and make safe the locations are scheduled for this weekend.

 The surveyors have completed all 3 floors of the ‘main building’ (A Block) and both floors of the ‘Maths/French building’ (B Block), they have also completed key continuity locations such as reception (C Block), canteens and toilets.  Based on the area of site which has been checked, including the canteens and toilets, it has been decided that the academy can operate safely on a reduced roll in the buildings which have been completed, therefore the academy will be open tomorrow to Key Stage 4 & 5 students. Staff and students will not have access to any areas still requiring survey. All students in Year 10-14 are requested to attend the academy as normal on Thursday 26th April, the academy will remain closed to Year 7-9 until surveying activities are completed in the remaining two buildings providing the required classroom capacity to open to all year groups. 

In order to reassure parents that the buildings are safe, a representative of West Coast Surveys has issued the following statement: ‘I have now completed the asbestos management Survey in Blocks A B and admin only C block. Although asbestos is present on site I have not found any more that requires immediate attention and happy for areas surveyed to be re-occupied.’