Pi Day

To celebrate International Pi Day, The Whitehaven Academy held activities and a competition to celebrate this important number. Several different activities took place during lessons and students were then invited to recite as many digits as they could during lunchtime to the staff within the Maths Faculty. A number of students participated and staff were astounded at the memory skills demonstrated by those who could recite this irrational number. 

In third place, with an incredibly respectable 37 digits, was Beth Nevison from Year 7; in second place, with a fantastic recital of 61 digits, was Josh Gillson from Year 10. The outstanding entrant, who earned first place after reciting a mind blowing 123 digits, was Katie Ellison from Year 7!

Each of the three winners was awarded with a commendation and certificate from the Headteacher, Warren Turner, and a prize of a chocolate Easter egg.