STEM Challenge

Here are a few comments and thoughts from our students who attended the STEM Challenge event at Carlisle:

Georgie Woodburn:

I really enjoyed the STEM Challenge day at Carlisle College. Although at first, I felt anxious and confused, it gave me a lot more confidence talking to new people.

We may have all been outside of our comfort zone but our team “A2” got on really well.

Luckily (but unexpectedly), we won the overall best group! We were all astonished and proud. This proved to us all, if you just try, you can accomplish anything!

I gained a lot of confidence and I think it improved my communication skills with others, especially people within my age range.

Abigail Bonner

The STEM Challenge was beneficial for my future career because it made me want to apply for University when the time comes.

I learned about robotics, E-Fit and medicine which was both fun and educational. All of the people who were helping with the day were incredibly nice and helpful.

Leah Marley

When we went to Carlisle College for the STEM Challenge Day, I really enjoyed it. I was in team “A4” with Carenza and two boys called Bailey and Jake.

The first activity we did was the E Fitness test, where we had to use police-like software to create a digital image of a man’s face. The second activity was medical, where we had to diagnose people with what we thought was wrong with them. The first one was a man called John who had a bad cough and was coughing up blood; he turned out to have pneumonia. The second one was an old lady, she was disorientated and didn’t know where she was or what was going on. It turned out she had Diabetes and had also fallen down the stairs and fractured her hip bone.

For the third activity, we had to programme a robot to move around in a square, then programme it so it was able to go around on the mat, get points for going on the yellow stars, do a trick when it saw red and avoid the wall and black stripes/danger zones.

I loved the STEM Challenge Day and would like to do it again one day. My favourite parts were the actual activities and meeting new people and making friends with them.

Carenza Curwen

I really enjoyed the STEM day so it was really hard to choose my favourite part, however, I thoroughly enjoyed robotics. Meeting the University students was fun as there was one or more at each activity.

I liked the fact that we were put into groups with other people from different schools as it meant we were able to make friends from all over the place. We learnt a lot of new things, like how to diagnose someone when they are ill.

It was a brilliant experience that I would happily do again.

Abigail Nicholl

I really enjoyed the STEM trip to Carlisle College. We took part in three challenges, one of these was the medical diagnostics challenge. For this, we were given patient information and told to diagnose them. We were also given medical equipment to look at their uses.

Another challenge was the robotics challenge, we were given a robot and a piece of programming software. Once we had experimented with the different functions of the robot, we were shown a track which we had to programme the robot to go around, collecting points and avoiding danger zones and walls. We did this using sensors built into the robot.

Our final challenge was the E-Fit challenge. This was all about witnessing crimes and using a programme used by over 95% of the police in the UK. We were shown a crime and told to create an E-Fit that resembled the criminal.

The purpose of these challenges was not only to explain what STEM was and the role it played in society but to improve our teamwork and communication skills. It took us out of our comfort zones by introducing new people from different schools in the area, including Dumfries and Kendal. As well as that, it gave us an insight in to what we could do within STEM subjects and gave us a chance to meet graduates and students from universities. We were also given a chance to ask any questions we had about STEM or further education.

My favourite part of the day was the E-Fit challenge, it was interesting to see how the police can narrow down suspects and what the primary features are that the police look for.

I would love to take part in another trip like this and would encourage anyone who gets an opportunity like this, to take it.