Improvements to the school site

The improvements to the school building have always been part of a phased plan and whilst we will continue to lobby for any additional funding, the school has seen a number of improvements over the Christmas break, and I am delighted to share some of these with you. Almost all of the contractors have been from the local area and we aim to have someone on site every week to continue making improvements to the site.

Below are some before and after photos and a full list of completed improvement works over Christmas include:

  • Resurfacing – phase 1 from the entrance to the Life Skills Bungalow road resurfaced, new line markings and speed bumps replaced
  • Windows – first phase to replace windows completed
  • Heating – remedial works and replacement heaters and fans to the main building completed
  • Flooring – replacement flooring in the Technology block communal area, and IT3 and EA6 classrooms
  • Landscaping – courtyards and entrance cleared and presentable
  • Decoration – social areas on either side of the dining rooms and walls painted on the majority of the corridors and stairwells
  • Joinery – trophy cabinet covered and painted
  • LED lighting – new lighting installed plus other electrical work has started
  • IT investment – improved the stability of the IT infrastructure and purchased 36 new PCs for classroom use.

The second phase of improvements are part of a rolling programme which we aim to complete as soon as possible:

  • Second phase of window replacements due to commence in April 2017
  • Priority internal and external door replacements
  • Second phase of internal redecoration
  • Second phase of resurfacing from the Life Skills Bungalow to the exit
  • Heating improvements within the Technology Block
  • Ongoing updates to the LED lighting
  • External painting of theatre building due to commence in the February half term
  • Roof repairs to be scheduled
  • Food technology cooker repairs
  • Replacement fire alarm system to commence
  • Reception access control repairs to be completed
  • External lighting to be completed
  • Replacement flooring phases to be continued (maths area)
  • Landscaping improvement works to be completed
  • Line marking of a football pitch within the play grounds to be completed
  • Blinds to be considered for the new windows.

I’ll keep you updated as these work progress and will continue to share more photos.