Year 8 Rugby Report

Mr Hetherington and Mr Black took a group of students to participate in the year 8 Rugby League 9 aside festival hosted by Workington Town.  Two teams made up of 19 players represented the school including four year 7 students who were willing to step up and play against players older than them.

It was a frosty night at Derwent Park but the action on the field was fierce, both teams played fantastically with the B Team beating all other teams which included Workington Academy, Nelson Tomlinson, Netherhall and their own A Team (a game which was extremely competitive but played in high spirits).  The A Team which included our four year 7’s drew with Netherhall, beat Workington Academy and lost to Nelson Tomlinson and our B Team – a fantastic effort that all players should be proud of.

The main thing Mr Hetherington and Mr Black were proud of was the students’ impeccable behaviour from beginning to end, they will all be receiving special praise for the way they represented the school.

B Team Scorers

Vs Workington Academy: Blaine Graham 3, Owen Fairfield 1, Nathan Clark 1, Jack Ainley 1, Alfie Elliott 1.

Vs Nelson Tomlinson: Daley Stables 2, Luke Stockton 1, Blaine Graham 1, Jack Ainley 1.

Vs Whitehaven A Team: Jack Ainley 2, Sam Casson 1, Alfie Elliott 1, Nathan Clark 1.

Vs Netherhall: Nathan Clark 2, Jack Ainley 2, Alfie Elliott 1, Sam Casson 1, Blaine Graham 2.

A Team Scorers:

Vs Netherhall: Dylan Grears 2, Taylor Hambling 1, Nathan Clark 1

Vs Workington Academy : Blaine Graham 2, Taylor Hambling 1, Jordan Ryan 1, Alfie Elliott 2

Vs Whitehaven B Team: Taylor Hambling 1, James Stanaway 1, Ciar Matthieson 1

Vs Nelson Tomlinson: Dylan Grears 1, Ciar Matthieson 1, James Stanaway 2, Taylor Hambling 2.

Mr Hetherington B Team player of the tournament: Sam Casson

Mr Black A Team player of the tournament: Zak Charlton

A fantastic effort by all players, well done to everyone and a big thank you to Marnie Jackson and Workington Town for hosting a well organised event.