Lego Robots Invade The Academy – Is this the Start of Terminator?

28 yr8 students joined forces against an army of 10 tiny Lego Robots in the community room on the 11th of July at The Whitehaven Academy. Their challenge to take over the control of the programming of the robots.

The students, a mix of boys and girls, worked with STEM Cumbria and five STEM Ambassadors to learn how to program the tiny robot and make it dance. The teams of two or three had to problem solve ways to make the robot do different movements and actions. Using ICT, they were shown how to use the software, how the software links to the computer chip with the computer and how the robot responds.

The teams had to take precise measurements, develop accuracy and build up their commands in order to make the robot do fancy dance moves.

One team who worked extremely hard were later challenged to make the robot moonwalk!

STEM Cumbria commented on how our students were exemplary in their behaviour and excitement when compared to another secondary school, they would definitely come again. Another date has already been booked.

Mr. Percival will be organising a team of students in September who will enter into the First Lego Robotics League Competition, a first for The Whitehaven Academy.

Some students who were present said, “I didn’t want to come but I’m so glad I did, this has been ace!”

This day was part of a varied and wide programme of STEM activities that we, at The Whitehaven Academy, do throughout the academic year, which has included activities like, the flight simulator project, STEM days, EES to name just a small number.

I look forward to the league and next year’s exciting STEM programme.

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