Anthony flies high at University of Lancaster

Year 12, Anthony Irving was invited to hear the keynote lecture by Professor Julia Hook on the 5th and to receive an award.

The keynote speech discussed the idea of Dark Matter and was designed to enthuse our young people entering year 13 into Physics at a higher level. Astronomy is one of the most exciting fields of Physics at the moment, with research literally pushing the boundaries of what we know about the Universe.

Amazingly, 70% of the matter in the Universe is ‘stuff’ called dark matter and is responsible for the accelerated expansion of the Universe. But what this ‘dark matter’ is nobody seems to know yet and the speech left it to the year-12 students gathered with the challenge to find out when they enter University.

Anthony Irving, one our our year-12 Physicists was nominated from the Science faculty as this year’s Yr12 Physicist of the Year. This prestigious award, previously awarded to Ellie Ford and Conor Pearson, opens up, quite literally, a universe of possibilities from a three-day residential to University of Lancaster to sponsorship at University and everything inbetween. This award and recognition has been given to Anthony for his determination not to give up despite what challenges he faced in the Physics.

Anthony was one of 27 Cumbrian students who were awarded the honour.