NuGen – Academy Links

NuGen, the company planning to build a new nuclear power station near Sellafield called Moorside, visited the school on Tuesday 28th June to hold a special exhibition about its plans as part of the Cumbria-wide consultation. Throughout the day, students attended the event to find out more and pose questions to the NuGen team about the range of future career opportunities which might be available and the skills students will need in order to work for NuGen or other energy-sector organisations. Students were also able to register their comments about the plans.

NuGen has been working with the school over the last few months on its Bright Sparks initiative, involving a number of Year 10 students, who have been participating in special lessons and visits on the topic of low carbon electricity. 3D Web Technologies, NuGen’s partner company specialising in virtual reality modelling, also attended and provided students with another opportunity to explore its work with NuGen and others on the design of energy infrastructure in Cumbria using 3D visualisation software to visualise the impact of the Moorside project on the community.

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