Bringing Down The Barriers of Tradition

Thursday 23rd June was Women in Engineering Day, a day to celebrate women who have overcome the centuries-old tradition of male engineering. 

11 year-7 girls were fortunate to visit the Energus Building at Lillyhall to learn and experience what it means to be a woman in a traditionally male environment.

With no men in sight (other than the odd student walking around and Mr. Gillson), the girls listened as four female Sellafield Apprentices told them about the importance and purpose of Women in Engineering Day, about future apprenticeships and what it was like to work in a heavily male environment. They gave the girls encouragement by explaining that it was equally a place for women to work, giving many examples of women who are very successful in engineering. They spoke about the different fields and possible routes into engineering.

Following a brief tour of the Energus building, the girls were given the opportunity to try out some of the fantastic devices that have been handmade by the female apprentices. Ranging from a fully working and interactive dance platform game to a ‘bop-it’ machine and a fully interactive robot, the girls were excited to take part in a variety of activities that taught them what options were actually available for them as future engineers.

One student was quoted, “I really enjoyed the day, it was brilliant to see what I can do when I grow up. I loved the dance machine.”

Women in Engineering Day happens every year nationally and we at The Whitehaven Academy see the importance of marking the day.

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