Grand Prior Award

John Stoker, Year 12 was recently awarded the highest cadet accolade the St John Ambulance can bestow. The Whitehaven Academy would like to commend John for his dedication and commitment to the service and congratulate him on this wonderful achievement.

Below is John’s account of the award and presentation day.

The Grand Prior Award, named for Grand Prior of the Venerable Order of Saint John, is the highest award that a cadet in St. John Ambulance can achieve. I have been a member of St. John Ambulance for 12 years now. But I have only been working on my Grand Prior award for the last 7 years, the award consists of 24 subjects, from 8 different subcategories that relate to the orders 8 pointed cross that has remained the emblem for hundreds of years! On Wednesday I and a few of the other cadets from my unit were sent down to barrow to meet HRH Prince Richard the Duke of Gloucester, who is the current Grand prior. He presented us our awards and then had various conversations with us and other members, he was extremely down to earth and had a genuine interest in our achievements.