Day 2 – The Whitehaven Academy Project Phoenix Team Grows After One Day

The excitement is brewing in the management team of Project Phoenix. After the arrival of the Tomahawk fuselage this week, the team has grown in number again as more Whitehaven Academy students join the ranks. Jacob Swinburn in year 7 came along and together with Ben Gillson, Josh Gillson (both year 8) and James Jennings (year 7) started working on the inside of the flight simulator.

Will Templeton and Sophie Benn (both year 12) were in their element today as they worked with the four lower school students, teaching them valuable skills with Mr. Grant and Mr. Gillson on hand to lend extra support.

The idea of the whole project is to encourage Whitehaven Academy students to work together on STEM-related tasks, gaining valuable skills needed for the local and national work force. Through our links with React Engineering, Sellafield, Blue Support Network, Milltech Computers and Carlisle Flight School, the project team are developing strengths and skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives, particularly forging networking links with external industries.

Will, an air cadet, is really excited to be part of the team and to be getting his hands dirty. His experience, knowledge and interests in aircraft is proving to be very valuable to the team. For Jacob, this is the first time he has been a part of something like this and is very eager to get involved. His enthusiasm was evident in his face as he quickly settled down completing the various jobs he was given. Ben, Josh and James, clearly enjoyed the first day since they returned with equal eagerness, a change in clothing and lab coats ready to muck right in. Sophie Benn, the project manager, has been eager to get things going and now that things are starting to move, she is enjoying the whole process.

Others in the team will be joining us in the next few days.

Negotiations with Blue Support have been successful, not only have they kindly donated the storage facility to house Phoenix, but Mr. France, the site manager for The Whitehaven Academy has jumped at the chance to support the project and is willing to do whatever is necessary to get the flight simulator ready for judging on the 11th May.

If you would like to help out in any way, please contact Mr. Gillson (external interests) or Sophie Benn (internal interests), as soon as possible.