Music ‘Come and Play Day’

On Thursday 10th March, The Whitehaven Academy hosted a Music ‘Come and Play Day’ for over 150 Year 5 and 6 pupils.

The transition event was organised by the Cumbria Music Hub, and involved pupils from The Whitehaven Academy, Hensingham Primary, Jericho Primary, St James Junior School, Victoria Junior School, Beckstone Primary and Seaton Junior School.

The aim of the day was to offer students an experience of playing in ensembles and how to progress and develop their musicianship. Everyone had the opportunity to be part of the scratch orchestra, experience the Gamelan, be part of the Steel Band and sing. There was also a youth forum session to find out the views of young people as to their experience of music so far and the kinds of extra-curricular music opportunities they would like to take part in.

I am writing to thank you, your staff and pupils for a brilliant day at Whitehaven Academy yesterday. My class took part in the ‘Music Play Day’ and thoroughly enjoyed the well organised sessions that they were involved in. It was a great opportunity for my children to work with your pupils and pupils from other schools. The students from Whitehaven Academy were extremely helpful and encouraging. 

 Thank you for your warm welcome and I hope that this is the first of many music events at the Academy.

Mr M Stilwell, Hensingham Primary School

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