Caving and Bouldering

Caving and Bouldering Trip to Keswick.

On Monday the 1st of February, ten year 7’s from the Academy, accompanied by Mr C Burkinshaw and Miss J Cartwright successfully negotiated the Infamous King Kong Cave and Bouldering wall in Keswick.

On arrival, pupils were given a safety brief as well as instruction of the skills and techniques they would need in the cave system. After a nervous start, pupils from the Academy did themselves proud as most of them emerged from the cave with confidence.  Currently the record number of times through the cave standing at 4 in half an hour is held by Taylor.  (There was even some overtaking, which I did not think was possible in such a tight space)

After successfully emerging from the depths of the earth, pupils were then taken into the Bouldering area for a quick safety and technique brief. Pupils then worked in pairs and immediately found an appreciation of how the “good guys” make it look really easy.  Pupils then challenged each other, attempting a mixture of different grades of routes, with the boys heading straight for the steep overhangs and the girls going for a more carefully planned, delicate, more skilful approach on the walls.

After some time exploring in the bouldering wall, pupils then faced the pressure of competitive climbing (in front of the audience of fellow participants) on the “timed traverse”. Following the starting procedure, pupils pressed the start button on the wall and traversed quickly across the wall all previous techniques went out of the window as the competition excitement took over.  As a result only three out of the ten made it all the way across the traverse with the winning time going to Mitchell in, 46.7 seconds.

All returned safe, happy and sore having learned some good climbing techniques and have been inspired to return, to improve their skills in the forthcoming trips.

Thank you and congratulations to the following pupils, who attended the first year 7 Caving and Bouldering trip to Keswick. Charlie Morton, Lewis Roberts, Mitchell Todd, Emma Newton, Abigale Bonner, Scott Nixon, Kelsey Carruthers, Taylor Hambling, James Jennings, Macey Langstaff.

Looking forward to next week. Mr Burkinshaw and Miss Cartwright

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