Commando Joe Day

The Whitehaven Academy are looking forward to welcoming Year 5 students to the academy on Friday 29th January to take part in Commando Joe Day.

165 year 5 pupils from local schools will take part in ‘Commando Joe Day’. 83 in the morning and 83 in the afternoon. The pupils will be split in to 3 groups and will take part in 3 fairly different activities which covers a wide range of skills.

Activity 1: Pupils will take on an assault course, jumping, crawling and running before finishing off on our inflatable assault course.

Activity 2: Pupils will use team work and problem solving skills to cross an imaginary river using a limited amount of equipment before building a ‘jenga block’ communications tower.

Activity 3: Pupils will use their creativity to make a safety parachute for an egg, which will then be tested to see if the egg cracks upon landing.

There is a lot going on, this will be a fun day for all the students, Whitehaven Academy students will be helping throughout the day.

The day starts at 9.30 for the first session, with the second session beginning at around 1.15pm.