Supercool Science!

The React Foundation is delivering a series of science and engineering shows and challenges for students in Cumbria over the coming weeks, and The Whitehaven Academy is delighted and excited to be taking part!

The Supercool Show

The Supercool Show will wow students with an explosive, interactive demonstration of weird, wacky and wonderful scientific experiments. Students will get to investigate the science of heat and temperature, melting and boiling points, changes of state and the transfer of energy. They will also discover what happens to Plasticine Pete when plunged into liquid nitrogen and find out if it is possible to use a banana as a hammer.

The show will be in the academy on Friday 25th September.


Take a Seat Challenge

The Take a Seat Challenge for post-16 students takes place at Lakes College on Wednesday 23rd September.

There will be no time to rest with this team building session designed to make people work together to design and a build a chair. Sounds simple enough… but all you get is cardboard – no string, no glue and no tape! Can you make a chair that is strong enough to support the weight of your elected team ‘guinea pig’? Will it look good enough to sell? Or will it look like a D.I.Y nightmare? The challenge is on!


Launchpad Challenge

The Launchpad Challenge is delivered by the National Science Museum’s Outreach Team and is a hands-on workshop inspired by the Launchpad’s On the Move film. The task is to design and create a chain reaction contraption.

The challenge will take place at Lakes College on Thursday 24th September.