DofE group successfully completed their Bronze Expedition

The second DofE group successfully completed their Bronze Expedition which consisted of pupils walking from Gosforth to Santon Bridge via various checkpoints.  At the campsite pupils pitched their tents and then cooked their everning meals.  The weather started great on Saturday until after dinnertime as it started to rain and then continued all night and most of Sunday morning.  The children showed how organised they were as they managed to stay reasonably warm and dry. 

The second group comprised of; Cameron Bowskill, Jasper Lithgow, Ben Massey, Faris Redza, Georgia Hill, Heidi and Nina Brischel, Sophie McNicholas, Sarah Congdon and Chloe Mayson.

The girls spent the night happily singing in their tents as the boys sat under a gazzbo discussing, the future of the human race, global warming, the economy and the moon landings.

In the morning, pupils were in high spirits as they ate breakfast and packed their bags for the final treck of about 7 miles back to the mini bus.  After being the most consistant nagavator from both groups during the training and the expedition, somehow Cameron managed to get his group lost in the campsite! Sophie arrived at Gosforth wearing her spare clothes as she had slipped into a pond and got a little wet.

After walking for over 5 hours and two different routes back to Gosforth, only two minutes seperated the arrivals of the groups with girls group being awarded their Icecreams first.   

This was the second successful Bronze DofE Expedition of the year with the first taking place the last weekend during the Summer Halfterm Holidays which consisted of; Jack Holliday, Jack Allan, Dion Roberts, Joe Dobinson, Sam O’Fee, Emily Foster, Abbie Dixon and Keiran Timmins.

Thanks very much to Mr Fraser Wilson, Mr Clive Burkinshaw and Debs from the Harbour Project for organising and running this wonderful experience.    All of the successful candidated will be encouraged to start the Silver Award in September.