Rock Challenge Northern Premier Finals

What a weekend, in 36 hours The Whitehaven Academy Rock Challenge Squad; travelled over 430 miles; created 9 spiders, and their leader, 10 flowers, a moving dancing brick wall, numerous ‘other’ children and a cat; had 2 full stage rehearsals; performed a spectacular show for 8 minutes to a packed out crowd and somehow managed to find just enough time to eat and grab some sleep before landing back in Whitehaven at 4:30am on Sunday morning!

The Rock Challenge Northern Premier Finals were, as always, held at Grimsby Auditorium on Saturday 6th June. After spending the night in Hull on Friday night, the team arrived fresh faced and enthused for a busy and exciting day ahead.

Competing against 8 other high calibre schools was a daunting task but never once did our students allow their heads to drop. They remained focused and confident throughout the day, a quality that will stand them in good stead in future competitions and throughout life.

The day itself consisted of production meetings, a warm-up where all the students/teachers and helpers from all the schools are dancing together all at the same time, school rehearsals which are watched and applauded by the other competing schools, and a teacher air-guitar competition (which of-course was won by the staff and helpers from The Whitehaven Academy!).

On the night itself the students from the Whitehaven Academy performed like professionals! They were confident passionate and like seasoned performers knew every step and movement. The lighting and video directors, stage crew and co-host were impeccable and set a very high standard for us to emulate in future years.

The Academy were presented with Awards of Excellence for Entertainment and for Visual Enhancement, sealing our place in the Premier League for 2016. But besides this our students left the auditorium on Saturday night gaining in confidence, self-esteem, pride and with a whole bunch of new friends from around the north of the UK.