Amazing Race2Space footage!

Following the brilliant news that Snappy had been found, the team have been looking at the footage taken by the video camera during the balloon’s journey.

Upon analysis, the footage they managed to get was remarkable: west Cumbria from the air. Sadly the camera phones stopped working just after launch, but the video camera had recorded one hour of footage. The team were ecstatic. The views of Cumbria were fantastic! There will be some good stills taken off it. Already it has been posted around twitter, visit-whitehaven website, in local press and on twitter. Take a look here.

To finish the project set by React Engineering, the team need to create an 8-minute video of the story, right through from the project starting in October to finding the payload, and present it to the engineering team. They are also fortunate to be able to use this project as part of the Crest GOLD award, a prestigious award that shows how much dedicated work and effort they have put into a long term project.

The only thing left to say is … what are we going to do next year to top the weather balloon? Watch this space!