New technology sparks mobile learning for students

The Whitehaven Academy has provided all of its Sixth Form students with iPad Minis. The iPads will be an invaluable teaching and learning tool, both for students in their own, independent study, and within lessons. Students will use Bright Tribe Trust’s bespoke portal, ‘e-Tribe’ to access resources, submit work, enter into discussions and see their own results and data in real time. Additionally, the Trust has ensured that all members of the Academy can download free copies of Microsoft Office to their iPads and to their home and work computers – ensuring that they can access all of the tools they need wherever they are.

To support the roll-out of the iPads, the wireless network within the academy has been upgraded and Apple TVs have been installed – allowing students to instantly share their work with the class.

The Trust’s IT provider – The Knowledge Network – is providing drop-in workshops to help students get the most out of their new devices, and in-class support is also in place.