Improvements to our school building

You may have seen some changes within our school over recent months. Our estates supplier has been working with Bright Tribe to make our school as safe and secure as possible and update the condition of our building to maximise its energy efficiency and make it a better place to learn and work.

Bright Tribe’s estate team had two priorities over the summer:

  1. To improve the safety of pupils and staff with an upgraded fire safety and alarm system
  2. To make our school fully accessible for wheelchair users by providing a disabled access toilet and external ramps.

Once these key priorities were achieved, we carried out a number of improvement projects.

  • External painting to reinvigorate the Overend block and improvements made to the courtyard area
  • Closure of the Maths block to save money on running costs and bring the school community together by relocating classes to other areas of the school
  • Increased temperature and water pressure in the shower rooms
  • New drainage system in the sports playing fields to cope with excess rainwater and to prevent flooding
  • Post-16 Centre refurbished to make the area an enjoyable place to learn and socialise
  • Replaced six boilers to ensure that the temperature in the building is kept at a comfortable level throughout the year, reducing energy costs.

We have also made a number of improvements to the IT infrastructure, including an upgraded wireless network and new IT suite. We now have 25 wireless access points across Mountain View (the main building which covers English, Maths and Science), Ennerdale View (Science and IT) Coast Side (Maths and English) and the Post-16 Block. We also have a wireless classroom in Fell Side and have 14 iPads and 15 laptops for staff and students to book out.

We will continue to carry out further improvements throughout the next year and will keep you updated.